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Rooms: Photos, prices and reservations

All rooms have at least a window, cosy but with space.

We have the following rooms available: Single, Twin, Double, 3 bed and 4 bed rooms, some with WC or WI (WI stands for a room with only a private shower). Every floor has available several common bathrooms.

The suite, our most comfortable room, is decorated in a modern way, and has an huge bathroom.

Quarto Duplo
Quarto Casal
Quarto de casal
 Quarto Duplo
Quarto Duplo
Quarto de casal
 Quarto Duplo
Quarto Triplo

Internet connection and a study table can be requested at no extra cost. All our rooms are also equipped with cable TV.



Type / Tipe
Época Alta
High Season
Época Baixa
Low Season
39 € 30 €
55 € 40 €
Casal, WI
(Double, WI)
55€ 45 €
Casal, WC
(Double, WC)
65 € 50 €
Suite 140 € 80 €
110 € 60 €
Triplo, WC
(Triple, WC)
130 € 70 €
Quadruplo, WC
(Quadruple, WC)
140 € 80 €
  • Breakfast is not included in the price of the reservation, but is available as an add on to your reservation package;
  • "WC" means the room has a complete private bathroom;
  • "WI" means the room has only a private shower.

Contact us for more information about room prices and special campaigns.


Room reservations:

Right now we can only accept reservations by phone or fax or email. In the near future we will install an online reservation system. In the meantime we ask you kindly to make your reservation by phone, +351213572759 or by fax, +351213140654. You can also email us your reservation at info@pousodosanjos.com.